Who the $%&# is AridMonk?

I’m Drew AKA AridMonk, and unlike the last two guys, you probably don’t know me at all….

My own wargaming experiences started 10 years ago when I was in my first year of Secondary School (in Scotland you start that when you are about 12/13) and went along to the little club that resided therein. After seeing some of the older kids’ space marines, and after hearing that they were 8 foot tall killing machines who wear nigh unbreakable armour, spit acid and could tear my English teacher Mrs Gray in half, I was hooked. That next weekend I went to my local Games Workshop with my saved up pennies and bought my first tactical squad.

99% Sure she was a Deamon

The next decade was spent hunched over desks at 2 in the morning, scraping bits of plastic free of mould lines, making my house smell like a chemical warzone and forever keeping my wallet only as a GW receipt holder.

Foremost a painter and modeller, I still occasionally dabble in the art of gaming, but hope to get more into that now that the wonder of 6th Edition is upon us!

Duel for a compo at my local GW. 1st place.

As you will soon discover, like so many others out there I have a serious case of Hobby ADHD, aka Shiny Syndrome. I have four 40k projects in the works just now, My Cadian 72nd Inquisitorial Guard, White Scorpions Space Marines, Traitor Minotaur First Company and my Necrons, Akhenatons Host. This hasn’t stopped me from filling every available space with boxes of unopened miniatures, Forge World boxes and sprues, so fingers crossed this new venture will inspire me to actually finish something for once. Maybe.

As Jack has already mentioned, he and I will soon be doing a tale of two painters together, and soon I will have details on my Golden Demon projects for this years UK Games Day, as well as some tips and tricks tutorials.

If you feel like it, head on over to my own blog, AridMonks’ Mechanicum, and hit follow there. Not much on there at the moment, but trust me, it’ll soon liven up.