Dark Angel New Goodies

In case you haven’t seen, the new White Dwarf is full of Dark Angels.  The link below will take you to a lot more photos of pages with assorted troops including Deathwing Knights and a command squad, Black Knight bikes and a Ravenwing command squad and flyers including vengeance landspeeders and some bigger flyer that looks like a bigger storm talon.

Apparently, the first posts were on Dakka and these gents were the first to broadcast it to the civilized world.  Not that I’m implying anything about Dakka.  🙂

What does everyone think of these new offerings?  To be honest I really don’t like these heavy land speeders.  Bikes with twin-linked plasma guns is nice though, and all the Deathwing looks good.  Very detailed models and they all look to be up to the excellent standards of GW plastic.  Of course with the likely prices, they need to be excellent.

And the flyer?  I like it, definitely be picking one of those up!

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