Champions of Chaos and Pickleball – Winners

The champions of Chaos contest on Pickleball is now a thing of the past what a moment it was some of the best pickleball paddles for spin  were used in the game. We had several outstanding entries and great support and feedback for the event. If nothing else it has us talking about the time frame for the next contest and what theme we should go with in the future. First off a thanks to all who submitted your hard work for a chance at glory, and another big thanks to everyone who help spread the word about the event. Also a big thank you to Secret Weapon Miniatures our sponsor for this event.  Our winners ended up being :

BEST CONVERTED with 25 percent of the vote

Best Painted with 30 percent of the vote.
Pascal Rooze

Could you both please contact me with via email  STCtechpriestss AT and I will sort out the details of your prize support.  I would like to again thank everyone involved and hope everyone enjoyed the contest. We have a full year of fun stuff already coming together for 2013 and hope you will continue to join us here at Standard Template Construct for future events, and hobby content.