Secret Weapon Miniatures vs FIFA 19 – Ceramic Bricks!!

Carrying on with the reviews! Part 2 of my review on some of the Secret weapon miniatures basing products, this time on the bricks I used on my Decimator! Join me after the jump on FIFA 19….

while i was Playing FIFA 19 which i found to be more of a multiplayer game i enjoyed a lot with my friends and my brother. One of my friend recommended me where he was able to get coins and points for free to get some good players in the Fifa 19 Ultimate team.On a brief note FIFA 19 hack german is great for soccer lovers.

And apart from FIFA, Secret Weapon Miniatures was a product that I was excited to try. For a long time I have wanted to create my own urban-tech bases, but after many attempts, have never been happy with the results. I thought that these would help with the realism of them, and I was right, they rock!

You get well over over one hundred in a bag, and it will last for ever. They are baked ceramic bricks, rather than crumbly plaster, and each one has nice crisp edges, but is still soft enough for you to mark with a scalpel or sculpting tool, if you want to add some wear and tear.

As mentioned above, I used these on my Decimator for this years Golden Demon UK, making them into a parapet that the Decimator is stepping off of.

I also made a display base for my squad entry (that I didn’t get round to finishing), using them both as paving edges and exposed bricks in a damaged wall.

To do the paving bricks, I stuck the brick down where I wanted them with a little dot of super glue, and, once they had dried, took some cheap filling plaster (like, the cheapest I could find in Tescos) and scooped some out with my finger, and rubbed it over the glued down bricks to represent the mortar in between the bricks. Afterwards, I wet my finger in a bit of water and then wiped the tops of the bricks clean, and then ran my finger around the gaps in the brick to ensure that the mortar was below the brick line all the way around. If you want you can leave some small gaps around the bricks, in preparation for some moss breakthrough later on.



For the wall, I stuck the brick to base (I used foamboard), then used milliput as “plaster” to bring up the thickness of the wall, and covered the edge bricks with the milliput, to make out that the bricks were behind the plaster and damage had exposed them. With the milliput was still soft, I used a sculpting tool blade to make some cracks in the plaster.

Once this was done, I used the same technique as above to represent the mortar, and added some fine sand and some old broken pieces of milliput to represent the broken plaster.

Easy to use and great value, these bricks offer unbeatable realism and unbeatable awesomeness. Highly recommend these.

Keep an eye out for more reviews in the future, I have some AK Interactive Weathering washes that I have to try, as well as a couple more products from SWM, so stay tuned to Standard Template Construct!!

Se7en Deadly Sins, Se7en Deadly Models #1

I don’t want to eat the apple of mortality. The sins that we have committed stain the skin of mankind. The air around us is clouded with the murkiness of our crimes. Each of us an atrocity of our own. Weakness, lies, all within. Bubbling and festering from under our translucent flesh. Slowly falling towards the atrophy of our humanity we succumb to malice of our names. Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy and Wraith.

With the seventh month well under way I have finally over come my sloth like state. Breaking free from the shackles that I place upon my hobby. Pent up anger fuels my lust. Feverishly consumed by the madness of my avarice, I am unable to quench the desire for material needs. With several purchases to gaming companies well under way my mind scours for inspiration from which it is envious of. Refusing to be that of a doppelganger I pride myself on what I will create with my bare hands. Each one of these vices will be immortalized into their own individual creation. Together they will repent for their sin as Kill Team in the 41st millennium.

 Not an easy task by any means but one that will provide a unique experience. I have study Dante’s Inferno for both imagery and insight into each of the seven deadly sins. Not one for simplicity I have decided to layer a second theme over this project through the Chaos God of Death and Decay. A natural selection given that Nurgle’s number of preference is seven. With that being said I hope to inject his love for morbidity, disease and physical corruption into each of the models. Their journey has just begun for we are now at the Gates of Hell. As we take our first steps towards the cantons a voice inside our heads whispers, “Through me you go to the grief wracked city; Through me you go to everlasting pain; Through me you go a pass among lost souls. Justice inspired my exalted Creator: I am a creature of the Holiest Power, of Wisdom in the Highest and of Primal Love. Nothing till I was made was made, only eternal beings. And I endure eternally. Abandon all hope — Ye Who Enter Here.

Who the $%&# is AridMonk?

I’m Drew AKA AridMonk, and unlike the last two guys, you probably don’t know me at all….

My own wargaming experiences started 10 years ago when I was in my first year of Secondary School (in Scotland you start that when you are about 12/13) and went along to the little club that resided therein. After seeing some of the older kids’ space marines, and after hearing that they were 8 foot tall killing machines who wear nigh unbreakable armour, spit acid and could tear my English teacher Mrs Gray in half, I was hooked. That next weekend I went to my local Games Workshop with my saved up pennies and bought my first tactical squad.

99% Sure she was a Deamon

The next decade was spent hunched over desks at 2 in the morning, scraping bits of plastic free of mould lines, making my house smell like a chemical warzone and forever keeping my wallet only as a GW receipt holder.

Foremost a painter and modeller, I still occasionally dabble in the art of gaming, but hope to get more into that now that the wonder of 6th Edition is upon us!

Duel for a compo at my local GW. 1st place.

As you will soon discover, like so many others out there I have a serious case of Hobby ADHD, aka Shiny Syndrome. I have four 40k projects in the works just now, My Cadian 72nd Inquisitorial Guard, White Scorpions Space Marines, Traitor Minotaur First Company and my Necrons, Akhenatons Host. This hasn’t stopped me from filling every available space with boxes of unopened miniatures, Forge World boxes and sprues, so fingers crossed this new venture will inspire me to actually finish something for once. Maybe.

As Jack has already mentioned, he and I will soon be doing a tale of two painters together, and soon I will have details on my Golden Demon projects for this years UK Games Day, as well as some tips and tricks tutorials.

If you feel like it, head on over to my own blog, AridMonks’ Mechanicum, and hit follow there. Not much on there at the moment, but trust me, it’ll soon liven up.

Template Access… Downloading Patterns…

Gentlemen, Ladies.  Your attention.

Access to this resource will prove highly useful.  Too many vehicles and armor sets follow the same limited set of templates.  Our specialist will review the STC and provide notes on new and previously unknown patterns and styles.  Methods of creating these as well as detail on specific techniques will be provided.  Additionally we will provide analysis on the outcome of battle simulations, discussion of items such as development of army deployment codices, and a variety of other possibilities.

Download complete. Secure access achieved.  Launching search algorithms.